Getting a new server, what should I do?

I am buying 2 rack servers from craigslist. Im getting a deal on them, 2 for $75. Each server holds 2 HDDs, here is the link.

I do not know what brand or type of servers these are, but i do know that they are cheap, and would make a good home server.

So what should I put on them? Linux server, apache, windows server? Are there any decent tutorials for making several (2) servers work as one storage device? I would also like one that is good for a mail server, or one thats good with setting permissions.


I didnt know which sub-forum to put this in, so i threw it here. Thanks, guys :) 

well, it depends on what you are wanting to do with them. apache is not an OS, so you can install it in windows or in linux. i sugest if you DO install it, host a local web page only, as opening it to the internet can lead to attacks on your home network.

look at centOS for hosting stuff, freeNAS for networked media... or, if you use windows arround the house, just do a homegroup, ot throw filezilla (an ftp server for windows) on there.


also, i recommend hosting an ssh (freesshd in linux, winssd by bittunneler for windows). that way you can tunnel internet traffic if you ever encounter a pesky block. < >

is there anything special that i would have to do to make both racks show up as one storage device?

yes. if you make a shared folder, you can make what is called a symbolic link.


[your computer] ====> [server 1]----symbolic link----[server 2]

it basicaly makes one file location point to another, so on server 1, you could have c:/my_shit point to \\server2\more_file_space. or something like that.

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