Getting a new phone

I'm looking to buy a new phone, and I've heard that certain unlocked phones work on Boost Mobile's service. I was thinking of getting a Google Nexus 4, but I think Boost Mobile is CDMA only, not sure. Anyway, I'm really just looking for the best possible Android phone I can get for under $400 that will work on Boost Mobile's Unlimited plan. Otherwise, I'll just get the HTC One SV from Boost Mobiles store. Thanks in advance for any help provided!

You're correct, Boost Mobile is CDMA only, as it runs off of Sprint's network. Short of some interesting hacking, only boost mobile phones will work on Boost Mobile; not even Sprint or Virgin Mobile (also runs on Sprint's network) phones will work.

Damn, that's a shame. Should I go ahead and grab a One SV or wait for the rumored to be coming soon Optimus F7 from LG?

If it works without a sim card and just an ESN number, then yes, i'd say it's out of the question.

IT is theoretically posslbe to get a Sprint or a Virgin phone to work on Boost. A lot of people have been redirecting to this thread, and there is a Boost Mobile section. It's a bit overwhelming for me, but I'm lazy and hate reading.

Otherwise, I think the One SV is a fairly attractive option for the price. The only thing I don't like about that phone is the resolution, but I haven't actually used it before, and everything else seems solid.

From what I can gather, the Optimus F7 is GSM only, and even if was CDMA, I wouldn't hold my breathe about it being in your price range.

You get a lot more options if you were willing to switch to a different carrier. There is Ting (Sprint, doesn't charge for tethering, charges for what you use), SIMple Mobile (T-Mobile, unlimited plans),, and that's about it, at least for promising options that give you freedom.

I'd seriously consider switching to a GSM carrier. There are more phone options to choose from and your device's resale value is higher since it uses SIM cards. Check out Simple Mobile. A friend of mine had Simple Mobile with the Nexus 4, worked well for him.

Considering what you get for $300, Nexus 4 runs miles around the One SV in pretty much every department. But, it's GSM only.

Yeah, I've tried looking at a lot of those other alternatives, but we don't get a lot of options as far as providers go. The only reason Boost Mobile is even an option is because of Sprint's wimax in my area.

Fuck it, think I'm just going to get a Galaxy S4 with AT&T for $200. But I sure as shit am not paying $20 a month to have the "privilege" of sending measly 3kbs of text data. What are some good alternatives to text messaging or replacement services? I've seen a couple of android apps, how are those?

Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are evenly matched. The S4 just looks more stylish but doesn't have the same build quality as the HTC One.

Here are some speed tests.

That sounds like really bad deal already. Again, check out SIMple Mobile. T-mobile's 4G network (HSPA+) is technically an advanced 3G network, so their 4G coverage should be better than most carriers. Plus they are rolling out LTE, which is an actual 4G technology. Their HSPA+ is plenty fast.

Not to mention SIMple Mobile's pricing is way better than AT&T's. And Nexus 4 is also way cheaper than a $200 GS4 after 2 year contract with AT&T.

So I can activate an unlocked phone with Simple Mobile?

yes, in fact simple encourages bringing over your own phone. They have programming guides and a list of fully compatible phones. I'm sure the nexus 4 is among them. check out their web site, which I linked to in a previous post.


T- mobile also has a value plan where they give you a discounted rate for bringing in your own phone. I'm personally on T-Mobile value plan, paying 60/Mo (500 minutes, unlimited everything else), 2 year contract (prefer contracts to boost credit), on a Note 2.


Ting also allows bringing over your own phone , though there aren't too many unlocked CDMA phones, so they recommend just getting one from Sprint.

Alright, sounds good, thanks for the help guys!