Getting a new case

Need a new case that isn't retardedly priced! I like the Phanteks cases but the Fractal cases have my eye too.

This will be a case I will build into in the future. I'd like for it to be stable as hell like the OEM dell cases but tonnes of airflow and as many drive bays as possible. ATX is fine, don't need gigantor, but the main goal is airflow and HDD/SSD placement. I would look at case reviews but my idea of a case that makes my dick hard and everyone's on YT idea is a difference in the amount of plastic and neon light kits.


If all else fails in recommendations I'll just get a define S :P But I'd like to see if theres something I missed.

Note: Suggestions I feel should be mentioned but are not that fitting to your opening post are blurred.

The "Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow" should be on your list aswell.
The Thermaltake lvl10 GT has 5 HDD bays but a lot of plastic components. Definet plus for airflow.
BeQuiet! Silent Base 800. 7 internal bays. A little lower on the airflow.
NZXT Source 220 Mid Tower seems like a solid option and is not as expensive. You might want to ditch the three led fans though.

Same thing I say every time. Fractal Arc Midi R2... 5+3 drives on the front, 2 SSDs behind the motherboard tray and you have 2 optical drives, that you can use brackets to transform into hard drive mounts. Rotate the front cages and you have good airflow as well...

i would take a look at the haf xb or thermaltake core x9

lets you create a box of fans blowing from all direction.

if you prefer a more traditional design the corsair r series is pretty good.