Getting a new 4K@60 4:4:4 AVR from Yamaha... thoughts?

Hi all,

I’ve settled on this Yamaha AVENTAGE Audio & Video Component Receiver,Black (RX-A1070BL) as it is currently in stock locally. The local retail price is actually cheaper than US retail as it has been imported by local Yamaha agents from Japan directly. Shipping must have definitely been cheaper since I’m geographically closer…

Seems to cover all the boxes, most importantly my requirement is to drive 120Wrms @ 8ohms, and while as full blast I’d loose some THD, honestly, I don’t think I EVER drive my stuff that loud.

Will be pairing this puppy with the gorgeous Dell P4317Q.

why do you need this in your computer set up or is this more of your home theater set up?

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Going to throw a sofa at the back of the ‘workspace’, and I’ll bring the sub-back upstairs from the home theatre room. The “home theatre” room hasn’t really been used as home-theatre much…so I’m going to rewamp it back as my electronics lab…

So yeah, the Dell 4K will serve as a semi-home theatre display. Rather than calling it that though - “place where I watch my crap”… youtube to episodes of Discovery. @wendell did I trigger you yet? hahah…

“Please noo…anything but that…” – wendell, (in my head…)

Saw your post for a couple secs before it vanished… should be a decent AVR for any system today, unless you want want Dolby Atmos, or something 11-channel esq…

Eh seems a little unneeded IMO, but eh its your money to blow.

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Yer I am not big into on HT so I felt I should not comment. but I did and deleted. To me the market changes to fast to invest in something that changes so fast.

I prefer a amp and speakers and a HDMI TV and just change upgrade the player itself . For me it would be a PC based media box. Amps and good speakers last years. media player seem to last months.

Still that is just me and I no longer have a wive acceptance factor in the mix too.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointing by the quality but as above I bought a Yamaha DSP A1 for ~$1600 about 20 years a go and that was current for almost 15 years with up to 7.1 surround. Then HDMI came out and made it obsolete so I bought an ONKYO AVR for ~$600 5 years a go and now I feel it was out of date about 2 years ago due to the HDMI/DP versions being constantly updated. Not to mention 4K UHD, HDR, blu tooth etc.

Just something to consider when relying on one box to do a lot of the leg work but as it pretty much covers all the current buzz words as it stands. Maybe it could be software upgraded in the future but then maybe that’s not in their interest to do :slight_smile:

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In all fairness, my last AVR was bought in 2006, a Denon unit that’s pretty decent BUT does not have HDMI at all - only component and max it can ‘switch’ is 720p, and some upscaling to 1080p.

Recently, a cat pissed on it and I believe a MOSFET blew. I had a local chap repair said MOSFET (as he’s used to working on high-AC equipment, and has some pretty interesting home-made tools for draining huge-caps that I’m too scared to even look at. Anything over 500uF and I feel a bit uneasy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This currently powers the bulk of the “Home Theatre” down-stairs…

Agreed Marten. The same B&W Speakers I bought in 2006 - work perfectly fine since then.

2x Rotel Power amps - they still run rock solid. Any further cat piss may kill them though.
So I’ve banned the cats from going anywhere near from them.

I should install a tesla coil (a la Red Alert style), but fried cats would make us huuuumans sad… #dangnabbit.

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$1,200 retail at B&H/Amazon US

Paid a deposit to local retailer, $960 sealed in box. Will collect it in about 2-weeks.

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LOL. Cat beware !

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Lets us know how is goes and what you think.

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This is what, henceforth I will call the Cat-piss Denon AVR - model 3805 from 2006.

It came with a pretty retro remote with ‘el’ backlighting - well ‘retro’ then. Now, it is a pile of poo that barely works.

Now, there’s something interesting that I can do with the Yamaha unit - and that’s leveraging its multi-room feature. To give you some context, this is the Home Theatre setup -

  • Centre channel pre-amp ingress into a Rotel RB-1070 Stereo power-amp, which has dual 130Wrms mono-blocks , that essentially bi-amps the B&W centre speaker - LCR600 S3s which is 150Wrms (at 8ohms).


  • Front-stereo pre-amp ingress into a Rotel RB-1080 Stereo power-amp (rated at 200Wrms at 8ohms) with 200Wrms into each channel - this is bi-wired using legendary Nordost solar winds - back during my Uni days, I actually traded a gen3 iPod just to acquire the freakin’ Nordost cables LOL! — this amp is connected to B&W 604 S3s floor-standers.

— all of the above are over 11 years old, and function great… at least my 35-year old ears can’t discern a difference.

So… all I need to do is route pre-amp cables from my den (upstairs) to the Home Theatre room downstairs - around 25-30m of wiring; now the issue here would be voltage drop across this distance.

Assuming a pre-amp dc voltage of 2vdc with a load-current of ~2mA, at 30 meters 18AWG copper (4-conductors) would theoretically drop 0.63 mVdc - which seems like almost nothing. Seems balanced XLR can go for almost 150’ without much degradation which is good cause at least the Rotel RB-1080 power-amp accepts balanced XLR inputs!

The Yamaha is also modern enough that it can hook up to my (Ethernet) network and has a phone-app… theoretically, I could control it from the room downstairs…

Should be interesting to see if I can isolate good 'ol Cat-piss :rofl:

Hey, sorry mate - missed your post and aye that’s really true. My Denon AVR3805 was also pre-HDMI and compared to all the tech they stuff into the current models, a total dinosaur!!

The things that this Yamaha checks off for me - for now though, mainly

  • 4K@60 with 4:4:4 (no loss) which pairs nicely with the Dell P4317Q
  • Can drive 120Wrms, so my B&W DM602 S3s can run directly off it.
  • More HDMI ports than I’d need to switch.
  • only 3x TOSLINK inputs, would have liked more (my Cat-piss Denon has x5)…
  • Ethernet // that’s a plus
  • Wifi // another plus but I won’t be using it, well may be.
  • Supports the usual HDMI 1.2 and DRM stuff, so I could potentially add one of the new Xbox’s and go Blu-ray (which I’ve never done before). For a 4K display, I don’t really have as much 4K source material, but that’s another upgrade for later in 2018.

Pretty sure, this will get outdated way faster than my Cat-piss Denon did.

I’m expecting to see 6K being pushed to the masses in 2018, may be 8K by 2019?

Picked this up yesterday… sealed box, getting ready to test it