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I feel this… I used Antergos and Arch for a good while and there were just so many dead repositories and broken features…


I am mostly joking, I almost never had problems with packages. Like I think around 2 times I had a broken AUR package.



My main issue has been dead repositories. But I am not on either of those distros anymore so its fine now.



@Schyken are they almost ready with the new budgie release? I’ve been out of the loop for a bit.


They’re switching from GTK to qt right? or did they already do that?


Could that be Ikey is back at intel working on the clear linux project ?

He did drop the potato but.


First post from mr chyken in months, its just a meme.


I’m closing in on a year on Solus. The only major issues I have had were associated with AMD drivers in 4.15+ kernels, all of which have been addressed now.

Snaps help to fill some gaps in the repos.

Is anyone using Solus with an Nvidia card? How’s the experience with proprietary drivers?


I’m not currently, but when my TR is unbroken, I will be.

It’s good. The updated ISO fixed a bunch of problems with Nvidia. The experience is pretty seamless.


Glad I could be of service xD


Might actually install it on my xps 15 or 13. I’m starting to miss it too much and the advance rma on the x399 board didn’t get in today. :frowning:


Read up a bit on Solus after reading this thread, will be keeping an eye on it going forward, especially on budgie as it seems like a very interesting DE, and might replace gnome for me in the future. One thing though, I am a big fan of gnomes activities view, is there a similar feature in budgie to get an overview of all open windows?

Hope the project get’s going properly again soon as I still find the websites lacking a clear goal for the next releases for both Solus and Budgie at this point.

If it starts making good progress again, it might be my next OS on my main system. Anyone know if it has up to date mesa, vulkan and LLVM packages for use with steam proton and such?


It should. They’re pretty good about staying on the most recent stable release.


Says the guy that swore not to compile anything again a couple of days ago. :grin: