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Get On The Damn Boat



Look buddy… I get it. The supreme leader wasn’t a supreme greeter… But damn did he make one hell of a cake.

The Solus Project hit a rough patch in the midst of Ikey’s absence, but the rebound was almost as strong as my pullout game and the project is hammering away once more. I want to take a moment to note that Ikey’s absence may well have been the bus factor we all hear about. The Patreon situation was unfortunate and the team has worked quickly to mitigate it while moving everything forward in a more self-sustaining and transparent way.

Long story short, I plan to shill Solus so hard it cries. I’m back, little bitches, and I’m swinging low.

(Also, this might be useful…)


Would you like me to make your title “Solus Shill” ? or SS for short…



I think I would actually love you long time. :smirk:


I run fedora and IBM just bought them. Im not a trollop :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for your video review. :wink:


I wonder how they are getting on recovering that Solus paypal account. There is potentially quite a bit of cash locked up in there that would, no doubt, be very useful to the project.


How does Souls differ from other distors? Why would I want to get on the boat?

Legit curious.


Performance from optimizations

The guy that made this distro used to work for Intel doing Clear OS and put some of those optimizations in solus. Or at least that’s what I heard.


Did the optimize the actual Linux kernel? Or userland tools? DE? WM?

I’d like the explanation to be more specific, not the media type blanket statement “optimizations”.


One of the solus devs has a reddit.

Looks like Peter O’Conner ( known as sunnyflunk on reddit ) is working on avx2 optimizations.

Other then that. I don’t know. :man_shrugging:


Well, I wish them well but from their website and that reddit, I don’t see any reason to switch to them.

Seems like they’re making their own DE and package manager, which is cool, it’s not just another debian spin :wink:


He also has this cool software which can measure the differences in performance vs different flags.


One can use Gentoo if you wanna optimize the software to your hardware with compiler flags :wink:


Solus major focus is use of Intel’s ClearLinux optimizations


Solus is one of the few distros that make use of PGO (profile guided optimization) Essentially, they run the program, while monitoring the instruction paths the assembled program takes, and determine if the compiler can use different instructions to make the program more efficient.

You can see some benchmarks here, but we’ve had even better results more recently:

They also focus on providing a perfect experience. Basically, if a package doesn’t work 100%, they don’t include it.

As far as DE goes, they provide Budgie as the flagship DE, but also provide i3, Mate, Gnome and KDE.

Not this way. Gentoo provides a fair bit less optimization than Solus and you have to heat your house compiling every week or so. Gentoo provides fractions of a percent of optimization, Solus provides 5-30% optimization, depending on workload.


Bruh, I am on Arch. This is like a total 180 for me lol





Not saying if it’s good or bad, just saying that it’s how it works.

They also provide sane defaults, so packages that are stable actually work out of the box, unlike Arch.


That does sound very cool, I’d love to just use their kernel in my arch.


Their kernel isn’t all that optimized, tbh. The kernel is fine as is, I think they just use a non-default scheduler.

TBH, linux-ck is your best bet if you want a fast kernel on Arch.


I’ll look into that, thanks.