Get admin password for my router?



I got a new ISP and a new router called bbox3, I got 3 login options when I went to :"user","admin",expert" but I only get the password for "user" which is on the back of the device.

With user I can change a lot of setting but the accounts admin and expert get acces to diagnostics(source:belgacom forums)

Is there anyway to access these accounts or hack the password?



as dumb as this sounds have you tried to goggle it? if not try calling the manufacturer

As above said try contacting belgacom directly or asking in there forums for help.

I did, the ISP won't give it over the phone and the password also changes every time it's used. I guess I should just give up or get another router.

hello, i have the same tecnicolor router and isp and thus problem.

there is almost a solution for it, check vdsltool3, those guys needed access too for diagnostic line reasons, i guess they publish soon ;)

its only admin access that they need, but its enough for getting line diagnostics and values.


be shure too troll bgc if u got great values to boost your speed LOL :D

Sounds like this is not your router, but your ISP's router…?

(If at all possible with your ISP, or by changing ISPs) buy your own router and enjoy complete control.

we can buy or rent so it can be either, admin or expert acces is only for "authorised ISP personel" even when bought and it changes every 25hours

the bbox3 is standard pppoe passtrough enabled,up to 4 i think


i used another router and setup a pppoe connection with username and password, this goes straight trough bbox3 and only uses the modem part of the bbox3.

now my router does dhcp and stuff on my pc network and uses the bbox3 as a dumb modem for the dsl syncing and such.

only reason for admin access is the dsl line values they hide there

in my opinion BBoxes are junk, the little experience i've had with them has made me very sour about them. if you want full access over your router i suggest cannonball's option and buy your own router.

I would first try default pass; I don't own such router but if you have physical access you can always press the reset for 5-10sec and try to log in again \/

 login: admin
 Password: BGCVDSL2

this works for bbox2 but u need to type the password printed on the bbox2, does not work for bbox3.

the isp can push the admin password trough for servicemen and it gets randomly changed every 24 hour.

The people working on vdsltool3 need admin access too,and are pushing hard for months.

the bbox3 ist that bad for an isp modem/router, it has decent specs but no admin or expert access...nah i just juse the modempart :)

problem is bbox3 is whitelisted and is not replaceable without much trouble,vdsl2 with vectoring stuff and whitelists, PPPOE is the magicword

still beats our other isp, telenet, you have to configure your router on there homepage and they push it to the all in one router, OMFG

we have to surf to the internethomepage, login there and change your password for everything there, haha wth.


Catch the data you need for dialing in and run a own modem/switch/router. This is censorship and is a NOGO.