Gentoo walkthrough quest

i have been looking for a way to do a gentoo install walk through and stream it on twitch. all of the capture cards i have found are out of my price range or will not work with what i have at my disposal. so i am relegated to do it in a VM and hope that i can get OBS to work properly with monitor capture. if anyone can find a capture card for $50 US that has either hdmi or DVI-D let me know.

starting soon i will be streaming my efforts to setup a gentoo VM . i will be doing all of this for the first time so it will be rough but hopefully by doing it this way i can help others setup gentoo inside or outside of a VM. for those that wish to follow my blundering about here is the link (might post to youtube after i get a full install working)

for those who do tune in i will be happy to take advise that you can offer if and when i get stuck.

That's pretty cool man. I just recently managed to install Gentoo as well though outside of a VM. Though I'm not really able to give you advice as I may have just fucked over my own installation. What experience with Linux have you had before this?

install a few of the easier distros and updating repos and packages. getting AMD proprietary drivers installed. and not much else. im jumping balls deep into this with out much knowledge