Generic Chinese "Dual x79" Memory Config Help

Hi everyone. I have one of the Generic Dual x79 motherboards you can purchase from Aliexpress. Specially the one that is NOT Huanan but has eight memory slots for sale for $130. I’m looking to diagnose the memory setup. Here are the two “issues”:

  1. The ad for this board lists Quad Channel memory as a feature however CPU-Z only reports Dual even with every slot populated. Everything else in the listing is correct and is working without any issues. How do I confirm the memory configuration either in BIOS or another tool.
  2. Ram installed is 1866 however BIOS and CPU-Z only shows 1600mhz. I have “Force 1866” set in BIOS and Intel XTU does report multiplier is at 18.66 at boot if I update from XTU and reboot.

I’m using dual Xeon E5-2667v2 chips in the system. Let me know if I can provide any additional information. Thanks!

Having the same issue. Did you get an answer on this?

Negative. :confused: