Generic Bluetooth Dongle Not Working in Windows 8.1

I just got me a bluetooth dongle, a generic one, not those branded ones. I plugged it in USB and it was plug and play and thus I didn't have to install any drivers, but sadly, it can't search bluetooth devices (eg my bluetooth controller and my phone) or my pc itself can't be searched by other bluetooth devices (eg my phone).

Do you guys have a work around? Or should cough up a better dongle (last resort please...)?



If it helps, I got a Bluetooth V2... Would it fix the problem if I got the V4?

I bought a cheap $5 bluetooth dongle from ebay, it worked ok in Windows 7 but not 8.1

My workaround were some toshiba drivers suggested on Dolphin Emulator forums:
Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

The downside was I had to disable driver signing permanently in windows 8.1 using command prompt (doing it from the advanced startup menu for 8.1 only worked for one boot then Windows reverted back to enabling driver signing). You'll also have to check Windows Update after and disable the bluetooth driver update.

It worked most of the time but then 8.1 started bluescreening intermittently.

I ended up buying a $20 Asus bluetooth dongle that worked fine...

Thanks, I will give this a try and update you if it worked for me....

Otherwise I will cough up a good bluetooth dongle later on in the month or so. LOL

Curious, is the Asus dongle you bought a Bluetooth V4 or something? May I have a link of the product?

Thanks again!

Yup, V4. I find the newer bluetooth revisions work better with 8.1...

Asus USB-BT400 3Mbps USB Bluetooth v4.0 Mini Dongle

Be careful with the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack might end up having to boot in to safe mode to undo it if your PC doesn't like it. Safe mode is a pain to get in to once 8.1 is stuck blue-screening.

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Aite, noted! I will also make some restore points just in case.

Thanks for the tips!

And I might just settle for a Bluetooth V4 dongle later in the month for the ease of things.

Working Solution,

Solved: Bluetooth Device Not Working In Windows 8.1