Geforce Experience Issue

I have a problem where when I want to add a location to scan for games that are on my secondary storage drive, the software says:

Geforce Experience cannot scan locations within user accounts.

I have no idea why it says this, I just go to my hard drive and select my games folder but it says this and I dont know how to solve it?

Please help

Are you an admenistrator accound or just a user,


you need to be a admin or you need to run as administrator for the geforce experince to work 

Either run Geforce Experience as an admin, or check the folders and allow anyone to access them.  

I've done all this, I spoke to nvidia about it and they said it was a bug and they have to fix it, but thanks for the help

I know this is an old post, but it is also indexed on google and is seen by people who search for this issue.

The fix that worked for me involved giving full permissions to the UpdatusUser account, which is a special account used by Nvidia applications. Here's how to do so if you're not familiar:

Right click the folder you're trying to add to GFE, go to Properties

Hit the 'Security' tab, and then click Advanced.

Now, hit 'add', and you will click 'Select a principal'.

Enter UpdatusUser under the object box, and then press 'check names'. Click okay.

Make sure it's set to apply to all folders, subfolders, and files, check the "Full Control" box, then click Okay.

Hit Apply, and then wait as the permissions are applied recursively to everything inside that folder.


Once I did that, GFE accepted the folder without any issue at all!