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GeForce Experience does not record game sound

GeForce Experience, when I record a video from any game, records only my MIC, while there is no sound from the game.

Fun fact is, that my MIC is connected to host and not passed through the guest (I am using Discord on host).

Currently I am using ICH-9 sound device. Tried to implement Pulse Audio but I ended up with no sound at all.

Any suggestions?

Probably could use some more info What OS, what Version GFE what audio interfaces, hardware used, etc.

Manjaro KDE Plasma: 5.19.5
Kernel: 5.8.11-1
Libvirt: 6.5.0-1
Qemu: 5.1.0-1
Virt: 2.2.1-2

Windows 10 x64
NVidia drivers 456.55 (desktop)

As sound device it displays:
High Definition Audio Device (Microsoft driver)
But when I open Control Panel > Sound > Recording there is only the “Line In”, no other selections available.


Anyone that can help?