Gday came across this post about randsomware

Gday came across this post about randsomware
Windows seems still having the same issues of win9x dayswith insecurity

Interesting notes about randsomwere ,
infects document files but its an actual exe ,
thus still with win10 you should not be allowed to exe run doc files

Also it sounds like all document files should not have admin access at all

Also it sounds like windows needs to patch to disable killing task manager
and by user choice DISABLE AES-256 functionally on the PC and
WARN users when taskman is killed/closed OR and
make it extra layer of entering a password to STOP TASKMAN

Anyone else feel that more and more users are going to migrate to Linux
because of Windows 10 and sick of windows
and migrate to elementary os from macosx this year

I'd think that if a large enough group of people migrate to Linux then douchecanoe hackers will follow suit.

I know Linux typically gets its programs and whatnot from repositories rather than just off the internet, but what stops the aforementioned people from messing with repositories? It's open source so it will get caught eventually, but what about the people that download it before it's caught? Something like that just happened to Mint less than a year ago, and Mint is the most popular Linux distro right now.

Having macros enabled in documents should be prohibited by law, it's still prolly the most likely vector to access your machine
Fun story tho, macro malware was kinda fixed over a decade a go by microsoft 'disabling macros by default'... ikr. Just today people get the popup to 'enable content' , click it and boom macros on and system compromised.

Or microsoft could just stop with operating systems alrready and make it open source and let us do it.

Please can I have some of whatever it is you smoke?

Buy a powerbook G4 and get huffing

Similar thing happened to classic shell
its auto update mirror got infected and my MBR was stuffed

Clean install fixed it and didnt lose any data

Yeah because that's going to happen in the next 10 years
they make too much money off people RE BUYING windows
and REBUYING MS office

No, they make their money from enterprise agreements, both perpetual and subscription, and Azure. Everything else to them just takes second position.

I wouldnt be suprised if they make money from AAA studios with all the copies of visual c+= sold and studios only using DX instead of OpenGL

Yeah but they most likely run the enterprise version (aka disabled updates).

Azure is the most powerful collection of tech buzzword's I've ever seen, there's no way it wasn't going to make money hand over fist haha