GC573 Linux Temperature


I am currently running a GC573 on a Debian11(using xfce) based asrock rack 1u2lw-x470(www asrockrack com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=1U2LW-X470#Specifications)(p.s. it came with a duct not shown in the pictures) server with a 3900x and 32g of nemix 3200 ecc ram. (forum level1techs com/t/avermedia-live-gamer-4k-gc573-on-linux/160635) was helpful in getting the software to compile, but ultimately had to use (github com/cdorn0/lg4k-linux) development branch as it had all the edits needed to actually compile on this setup. Things are going great, it is doing the 4k30 signal it is being fed just fine for several hours.

And then, disaster. After running it for several hours the system just crashes. I AM doing the whole “log all the things” bit and the logs show nothing around the time that the crash occurs(time of crash can be seen as what is being ingested is a dvr monitor output and the monitor plugged into the server holds that instant). As I have mentioned I am trying to do a “log all the things” approach to figuring out why this server is crashing, and the temperatures that the ipmi are reporting seem fine. And so now I would like to start logging/watching the temperatures on the card. On boot the “journalctl” shows that the ?kernel? is able to see a temperature (kernel: gc573: temp:20) but I cannot figure out how to call/read that temperature myself.