Garmin wearables telemetry


First disclaimer: If Admin/Moderator deems this post posted into wrong category I apologise, It fits in ‘Privacy’, a bit in ’ Security’ and ‘Mobile Tech’, but wearable don’t have a sub cat, AFAIK.

So I got myself a nice Garmin Instinct 2 solar sportswatch because I ride the bike a lot and I’m always curious what my statistics would be like. Looking into the Garmin Edge 840 bike computer/gps as well.

Now, as much as I like to see my statistics, I kind-of forgot that Garmin likes them as well.
But buggered that I’ve failed to notice I’m giving my health ànd positional telemetry for grabs.

However, I noticed the charging cable can be used for configuring, updating the sportwatch.

Is there possibility to exclusively use the USB cable to communicate with the device whilst blocking any traffic going to Garmin servers and NOT using the Garmin Connect app on the phone? This would basically mean I have to download the data at the end of the day, every day; but on the other hand the device would not be internet-connected.

Is there any information around this?

Thank you kindly