Gaming With a VPN

Probably a dumb question, but I would like to get some feedback. I'm running PIA VPN service on my computer. When it comes to loading up games, should I disable it when I'm playing or keep it up and running? I'm getting used to authenticating my computer almost every day for security.

don't play online games on the VPN, it will give you terrible ping.

Depending upon the base connection quality, the specific vpn server and where the game's servers are located ping can get out of hand, especially during peak hours. Other times it's fine.

As a general rule, VPNs and gaming don't get along well so the rule is to not use one while gaming but if you're really interested, ping the game server (or otherwise monitor ping in game) and if it's <100ms, then it's fine to leave it running. For ping around 100-300ms, it depends on how sensitive the game is to ping (FPS games are very sensitive, RTS are more resliant, MMO's varry).

I appreciate the comments guys. I'll just tick it off to make things easier.

G'Day Guys, As this Thread is about VPN's so is my question. As Internet Speeds in AUSTRALIA are not great i am wondering what if any speed reductions occur with a VPN service being used. I use my PC for work from home along with GAMING that i do as does my son on his own PC. Is there anybody that can help me out it answering any loss of SPEED and PING issue's when using a VPN service.

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Andy O'Bryan - Australia

I use PIA and my VPN ping and speeds are the exact same as it off, about 150/30, so I just leave it on

No true at all.

Im in oz & get shit speeds - 7 down 1 up most of the time. Am with PureVPN and there is very little change in speeds, even if there was a hit in speed its worth it to stay (relatively) safe from the draconian overlord's prying eyes.

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I use PIA and play CSGO all the time with it running, ping is just fine.

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played games with different VPN's , I usually pick a VPN server in europe as I live there and a pub server in the game in europe and that is just fine , as long as you don't have super high ping and the game has decent netcode it should be fine

G'Day Guys,
Thank you so much for your help with regards to my VPN/SPEED/PING questions. I sincerely apologise for the late thanks as i have had a personal health issue with my son that stop everything for a while.