Gaming vm's (VGA passthrough) help

I'm looking for a relatively simple way to game on a virtual machine within Ubuntu 13.04.

I've used KVM a bit to mess around with virtual machines in the past, but I'm not sure on how to set up a VGA passthrough.

i googled around a bit and found the xen way of doing things interesting but I'm not too big on compiling my own kernel.


I'm sure there are other ways, but there doesn't seem to be much support on the matter.


I'll be using the following hardware:


amd 8350

 Asus board (not sure of the exact model atm)

 an asus radeon 7850  



any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. also, I'm typing this on my phone so if anything looks weird blame  Firefox for android.







I posted a super short kvm howto on the forum a while back, and some forum members were kind enough to add an Ubuntu translation to it.

As to VGA passthrough with kvm, it will work on your system, you just have to right click in virt-manager on your machine, select details, and activate the passthrough for the hardware that you want, VGA, USB, NIC (although a network bridge would be safer in this case for a gaming machine, direct NIC access is more something for virtualized web servers), etc...

thanks, I was hoping it was so simple.