Gaming VM on alder lake?

Hello all,

I know that alder lake is pretty new, so not much experience with it or the new architecture on desktop. But I was interested in running a Linux host machine with a Windows VM for gaming, some things even proton can’t solve.

Anyone knows anything about VM performance on Alder lake? I tried looking online, but I couldn’t find any information. I wanted to see if Alder lake is “mature” enough that there is decent virtualisation support; I doubt it, but can’t be proven wrong without evidence.

If anyone has any experience or knows of any articles/threads, please let me know.

Welcome to the forums! I think the general assumption is, you pass only the Performance Cores to the VM because VMs right now cannot handle the mixed core architecture of Alderlake.

Also i’ve heard somewhere online that Alderlake is more suited to a containerized vs a virtualized environment.

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Yeah, I recon as much. But I haven’t heard of containerized gaming before :confused: Being able to pass certain cores certainly takes some guessing out of the equation. I think it is better to wait at least until Linux smooths some kinks with the scheduler; or at least until I know that there are not issues with its architecture, I don’t know that there are issues just assuming.

Thanks for the welcome and the reply! Was very helpful.

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