Gaming Room setup

Hi guys! 

I am building a desktop that can dual boot windows and Mac OS as I will be using it for gaming and some medical imaging software like the ZEN from Carl Zeiss, I also do some video editing. My aim is to be under 5000$ for the whole build that includes 3 x 40' Screens and one Big screen TV so I can watch movies on it.


Would I go with 2 separate Desktops ? and what parts I need as of 2014, especially after CES and all the news we heard about the new gadgets coming out.


Thank you and I will be awaiting your reply 



Do you need MAC? Adobe creative cloud works on PC and Blender is open source? 

Ok so this is a huge budget, like damn, but you are going to get the best possible performance. So here's what i got:


3 40inch monitors:

huge movie tv:

Yeah , I need to make a hackintosh for some applications or maybe bootcamp !? not sure

@theCaveman thank you so much for that build but do not you think I need some more cooling if I need to over clock them ? and would they run 4 screens smoothly ?

one last questions do you think I should go for 32' 4k displays ?

I am also looking for frame-less screens or I think they are called bezel ? or something so it will help me have a better gaming experience and multi tasking.  

i would build 2 machines


by getting zalman 780's with better cooling 

having 1 ssd instead of 2

and getting a cheaper 1000w 80+ gold psu

i paid for the rig below


grab those other screens and you will have 2 sweet builds


If you really want the best Mac OS X experience just buy a Mac Pro or high-end iMac. That's my opinion. I don't think that imaging software is going to need a huge amount of resources, so you don't need to dump the full $5000 on a new Mac Pro. An iMac should be fine... The remaining can be used on a sweet PC that isn't constrained within the Hackintosh boundaries.

You can build a really nice PC for 1500. Just run OSX as a Virtual machine or buy a mac mini. 

Cinnamon Has a Nice build you may not need a 2011 lga intel or 2 780s.

This is the TV I own and really like it:

with the rest of the money I would invest in a nice sound system. Pioneer's  speakers are very good for the price and get 500 dollar AV reciever from Denon or Yamaha. all together the soun system would cost 1100$

I personally like the stock Nvidia reference cooler for Sli setups because neither of the video cards will interfere with the other cards cooling. In a custom cooler design the cards blow air around in the case, therefor rising temperatures for the other graphics card. if you wanted to use a custom cooler I'd get the Evga acx cooler version of the 780. I've seen that it doesn't blow air as much around in the case as it exhausts more out the back of the case then for example a Gigabyte Windforce 3 card. Also I wouldn't get a tri 4k setup yet. The prices are skyhigh on those monitors and it requires a video card with lots of v-ram. You'd have to get Nvidia Titans or R9-290x's. I saw that the AMD 290 didn't perform as consistently at 4k as the 290x did.

I made an updated build: it has smaller tv's but has two 780 ti's. Its a lot of power but i included 3 27inch monitors. I don't think you can actually use all the screen space of 3 40inch monitors. Plus with these monitors you can do 3d surround and up to 144hz gaming. Here is a good 50 inch tv: