Gaming PC


I would like to build myself a fairly good gaming pc, and and already have some ideas for parts, but any insights from you guys would be helpfull :)

my currents wish-specs:

Case: ThermalIntake Urban S21

MB: MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming

CPU: Intel i5 4690k

CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper 412S

GPU: Asus GTX780 3Gb

PSU: Corsair CS650M

SSD: Samsung EVO 840 120 Gb

RAM: 8 Gigs of wathever ;)

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1T

Disc reader: i have plenty of desktop drives laying about :)


Extra: i Intend to overclock the CPU a bit 

what are you guys' thoughts on these parts?


I would recommend getting a Z97 motherboard if you are going for the 4690k. If you are going with the Z87, then get the 4670k. The 4690k is made for the Z97 platform. The 4670k will work on either Z87 or Z97. I don't know about the 412s, but it seems expensive for what it is. Maybe someone else has more knowledge on it. Everything else in my opinion looks good.

Looks good but really should get a Z97 Motherboard. You might want to look into the Samaung 850 series for an SSD. For the overclocking you might want to look in to a better cooler but other than that the build looks good.


I agree. Today there is no need to buy a Z87 motherboard anymore. Especially since the Z97 is backwards compatible with the first gen Haswell. Even if the board were cheaper, it would still be a hard sell. Z97 has many more features to boot.

I'd get a Corair MX100 256GB SSD if you can if it in your budget (at least in the US they retail for ~$110). Very similar performance to the Samsung 840 evo 250GB for a lot less.

+1 I have an MX100 256GB and it is a great SSD

I think we're the Crucial MX100 256GB fanboys of this forum. lol.