Gaming PC: Is this alright

I am planning on building a PC.

I've found some components that i want but i just want to ask if this PC would be capable of playing games like BF4 on high settings at about 60fps? 

This will be my first build so I don't know exactly what parts would be needed to play Battle field 4 at that speed. 

Please reply it would help alot. 



What components?

Well there are lots of builds that could do that.

In terms of Hardware requirements when playing PC games, the First Thing you want is a good GPU.

The GPU does all those Physics in Game and Particle Effects, the CPU does not matter that much.

 Well in that Case there are many options

All of these Cards could play BF4 at 60fps (1920X1200) at Ultra


  • GTX 770
  • GTX 780
  • Radeon 7970
  • R9 290X
  • GTX Titan
  • GTX 680

Mid to High Price

  • R9 280X
  • Radeon 7950

It really depends on your resolution.,7.html

 On CPU actually there are a lot , so theres a link :D

  In my Opinion,go for the i5-4670k or the i5-3570k for CPU, and Radeon 7950 or GTX 760.