Gaming Pc Ideas

Has anybody got any build parts including windows for under 800 pounds that can play games like arma on good graphics and solid frame rate

this should be able to handle arma with no problem


is this better than the core i5-4670k



It's cheaper, and that's what's important. It will perform practically the same in gaming at the moment.

cpu cooler is optional. but i don't like stock coolers.

cpu is the same as the i7 4770 but cheaper and no gpu in it. your not using it anyway.

no ssd, loud gpu. wait for non reference cards. or get a aftermarket cooler.



the fx 6300 wont beat the 4670k. fx 6300 is the best budget cpu for 600$. but you have a bit more. fx 8320 is a good one. 4670k will be better in skyrim. but similar in games that are using more cores. games with frosbite 3 engine support 8 cores:). and it it's cheaper.

fx 6300 with an 780? not the best balance in my opinion.

just to advice you, xeons are not made for any type of gaming, and it will not perform like an i7 in games

but why not? aan FX 6300 can run two r9 280X in CF with 2 frames less than an i7 3770k, so, no bottleneck :)

it does. this xeon is a i7 without the gpu in it. tech yes city made a build with it and more people are recommanding them. watch some vids on youtube.

show me that in skyrim:). in every sytem their is a bottleneck. you never gonna use your cpu and gpu at 100% in a game. that's just true. but it was my opinion.

true 780 bit much but should be able to play games on high settings for a few years.

mmmm.... 780's are soooo sexy tho... I mean a 780 is overkill for pretty much ANY system... just like an i7 is overkill for most people... i mean if you have a triple monitor 1440p setup then 780 isn't overkill... if you do pixar animation the i7 isn't overkill... 

of the people I know that bought a 780/i7... none of them have triple 1440p monitor setups or use 1/4 of the i7's capabilities...

but that's kind of the point... if you buy a computer to do what you need it to do now you'll be upgrading in 2 years max (or should anyways)... if you buy it to suit your needs for later, that "overkill waste of money" thing you bought is still viable 4-6 years later...

ultimately, in the long run... it's significantly cheaper to buy the 2nd best thing and ride it out until it's no longer viable than upgrade every two years as it's needed with the 4th best thing that's "price/performance"