Gaming Pc Help

I am about to order my computer this upcoming wednesday (June 12th) I have put all of the parts I am getting on this link        Did I do anything wrong is everything compatible I believe everythings is fine and I won't have a bottleneck in the system but I am concerned that im forgetting something like stand off screws are those included? Do I have enough connections for the fans? Let me know if everything is okay or if I messed up on something I don't want to place my order and then be dissapointed that I forgot something like a sata cable.

all the sata cables and screws you need will be included with the stuff u ordered. (or should be included)

I know the sata cables are but standoff screws were not specified and I was looking at an asrock motherboard and someone reviewed it saying it didnt come with standoff screws but wouldnt my case come with them anyways? This is the other motherboard I was looking at is it better than the current one I have? it looks better to me since my whole setup is black.

Sorry forgot to add a link to the motherboard I am looking at besides the msi one....

i was going to recommend the asrock but i noticed 8/10 feed backs were about something failing or DOA. msi isnt terrible just kinda basic 

Isnt DOA just random though? like if I order the msi it can have the same problem right? I just would rather have the asrock board but if its going to fail its not worth it.

well good boards tend not to fail randomly like that. i guess it is random to a degree. i would rather have the asrock too and it seems like a good board for cheap but thats a disproportionate amount of people with DOA problems. 

What brands do you suggest?

Also weird thing is the asrock motherboard I chose got customer choice awards? 

in order of my favourite. ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASrock, MSI. i like msi they are pretty good boards i just think they are kinda basic. but yeah. someone else should comment, i didnt even look at the specs

yea i have no idea how that happened cause the first 3 pages of feedback were basically all 1 eggs

Nope your the chosen one it seems lol anyways I found another motherboard what do you think about this one?

i'd go with that one man. cheap, reliable, got all the features, user friendly bios. some people might hate it for not having pci 3.0 but ignore them cause it makes no difference

Will do thank you for your help