Gaming Pc for Under $1000

Hello! I need help building a gaming PC for under $1000. I have done some research but have no prior experence with custom building. Here are the  parts i plan to include so far.

I would really like this PC to be able to play Minecraft on max settings, some Modern Warfare, etc. and overall run very quickly and smoothly. Please comment any recomendations or just re-do my entire parts list if it truly is that bad.

Thanks for the help!


i think you should get the 3570k or 4670k and upgrade your graphics card to a 770 

Reasons X Y Z?

You do not not need an i7 there is virtually no difference between i5s and i7s because gaming is heavily based on the GPU it is better to sink most of your money into the GPU.

That being said you can get an (amd) FX8350 for about $190 and a gigabyte990fx-UD3 mobo for $120 or less.

That's about $130 more you can sink into a better graphics card. I would highly recomend a GTX 770 or HD7970 they're both Phenominal cards that can play 99% of games maxed out 40fps+

Contrary to popular belief you do not need a High wattage PSU- you can get by with a high efficiency Lower wattage PSU -like the corsair HX650 80plus GOLD.

Also- here is this thread: incase you forgot to mention some other requirement

you also left out the ram silly.    :P

I'm not going to choose some for you but look for higher frequencys like 1600 or 1866, in 8GB variations as games don't utilize it all. Don't worry about CAS latency as you won't be rendering.

I would do something like this its going to be a beast in any game and its overclockable.  I used intel because I have noticed its better in minecraft when its loaded up with mods.  I used the 7950 becasue I think its the best value.

Oh yes! I forgot about MC.

MC is a CPU intensive game and since it uses java it only uses 1-2 cores (singleplayer) so having a big 8core may not help.

+1 for the 7950. It truly is one of the best cards IMO, the average user can get about a 30% OC on it.

I also would highly recomend goin with windows 8 for gaming. It's the better all around platform and utilizes your system better.

If you're holding back because of the Metro UI just stop and get StartIsBack

Thanks for all of the help especcialy with the CPU and Graphics Card, i would have spent way more on what i did not need!

Glad to help!