Gaming PC Build Suggestions

Hello all, I'm new to tek syndicate and I'd like some help. I own a Xbox One and 360, but i'm heavily considering moving to PC. I do a lot of gaming but I don't have a good computer. I currently only have a 3 year old laptop that struggles to do any game on a low setting. I've tried several different things to boost this but all have failed for the most part, so therefore, I'm looking to upgrade to a desktop. Ihave some basic computer knowledge (enough to help my parents some) but I'm by no means 'advanced' which could be where the problem lies. 

I'm wanting to build my PC in order to save while still getting great components. I've gone through countless hours of PC buld videos and everything but without much luck. So I turn to the experts and ask for opinions and advice while working with me. I probably won't get started until February or March provided nothing major emerges, but I like to plan ahead and get as much advice as possible before getting started.

I have a budget of probably $800 max, maybe $900 if I had to (which doesn't include a monitor).

Thanks in advance,


P.S. -- If we could stay away from anything with Windows 8, that would be great. I can't stand it.

If it's just for gaming this will fit your needs. (no mouse or keyboard included)

And for Windows i think you should consider this.

[WTS] Windows keys and a few other products

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Current ram set is out of stock.  It does kill the color matching, but meh.

If you want a smaller form factor, give this a try:


Thanks for the suggestions so far, they look amazing. What would you recommend as far as monitor? Also (this is where I show how much I don't know ) what do you mean by "smaller form factor"?

Just the size of the whole PC.

ATX motherboard fit in full and mid towers (tower being the computer case) and they would generally be considered standard/large form factor. Then there are Matx (micro ATX) motherboards that go in Matx cases and are generally medium form factor. Then there are Mitx (mini itx) and they go in mini ITX cases and are generally considered small form factor PCs.



Just keep watching and watching and watching and watch Youtube channels like LinusTechTips, TechQuicky, Tek Syndicate, JayzTwoCents and channels like them ALL the time!

Make sure to check a lot of Linus' old video's on LinusTechTips, he's really good at "dumbing down" some of these things and explains them really well and dw, everyone who's new to something will thrive on dumbed down stuff haha, I did. But yeah just watch watch watch. Search "how to build a PC" on youtube and watch every single one on the first page and also every one that isn't on the first page that is done by the Youtuber's I listed above. You will get a whole range of different ideas and perspectives on how to do things.


Maybe if you have a family desktop at home, take the cover off and look inside, don't move anything but just look and try name everything. Google is your friend here.


But yeah that's how I got into the swing of things so hopefully this helped you out a bit, good luck!