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Hello all,

My cousin wants to become a PC gamer, His budget is around $650-700 he would like to build it. Problem is I am worrying about his budget, and if he can even get a gaming pc. He is thinking about selling his red WII (Accessorie games everything) How much will he get from selling this WII? Also my Aunt well she kind of got in a fit buying a used XBOX 360 for him for Christmas for $150. Any ideas, I don't want him to buy $60 games and pay $50 for Xbox live. He is also selling an old HP laptop running on an i3 intergrated graphics 2000. Any budget ideas, BTW we decided on all AMD build. A 650 WAT power supply will be much needed any ideas?





how about something like this

Cart Item List:

























Grand Total:


Logan has some "kill your console" PC build videos. They are a bit outdated but they still hold up. I would check out those. Note that those do not include a monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc. into the price. 

fitch has a good build there, but in a $700 build i would recommend ditching the ssd for a standard hdd and use the extra ~$40 on either a better gpu or better cpu if he's into streaming/ video rendering.

I found something is this good enough any suggestions

try this 

Would a Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO be better as a CPU cooler?