Gaming pc budget build

Hey I want to build a $500 gaming pc and be able to run Crysis 3 at 1080p 30+ fps, BF3 at 1080p 30+fps, and DayZ at 1080p 30+ fps.  

All I came up with was this:

That should be good.  Great job picking out parts.

you seen this i posted on youre other topic? you made double topics. ..


I posted this again becuz  i set a new budget of around 500 bux, thanks but the build is a little too expensive for me right now.

thats no problem ofc, i gonne look what i can do with it. but the build you gave ya self you, it was the same as mine only you edited the ramm and the mainboard. as i quickly saw, that build looks also good to me, only the ramm, 1600mhz i realy an advice, but ofc 1333mhz wil als work. the biggest thing in games is a good cpu and gpu. ramm speeds comes more inportant wenn you gonne work with apu´s

THX! Lookn forward to your list!

What do you think aboutthis?

Thx!  Will the cpu cause a bottleneck in games like crysis 3?

as far as i know not. 

its only inportant to get a quadcore. with a nice gpu. espacialiy if 550 is over the budget, i think this is one of the best things you could possabley go.

you can maybe swimp on the memory to take 2x2  so 4gb of ramm, but that will be about 15 dollars, i think thats not realy worth it.

crysis i didnt try hat game yet on my build, but i think a 7850 must be capable, with phenom quad to play this game at 1080p

THX for all ur help