Gaming PC [750-830]

1. What is your budget? [€700-€830 cannot go above this.]

2. What will be the main purpose of the computer? [Gaming, hoping to emulate with pcsx2 and Dolphin and play modern games.]

3. Do you need a copy of Windows? [No]

4. Can you use any parts from an old computer? [No]

5. Do you need a monitor? [No]

5b. If no, what resolution is your current monitor and do you plan to upgrade in the near future? [1680x1050 and 1440x900] [No]

6. Do you need any peripherals? [No]

7. Are you willing to try overclocking? [Yes]

8. How can you pay? [Bank Transfer/Credit Card/Laser]

9. When are you purchasing? [This week]

10. If you need help building it, where are you based? [Not needed.]


I came up with this earlier I'm not sure that I actually need an SSD, and I'm unsure about the PSU. I asked on another form and people had conflicting answers on whether the PSU was too much or too little.

I assume someone will just come up with a build that is completely different though.

The build:


Site I used was this

That build you have looks perfectly fine, you might be able to save a little bit more money on getting a less expensive Cooler Master case but hey, looks nice and I like the parts you are using. :)

Yea that looks pretty good. I would opt for the i5 3570k CPU, but that is just my preference. The 2500k is a bit dated, but still rocks pretty good. The case is not my type, but that is just me. I do like SSD's for the OS, a few games, and some apps (Office mainly), so enjoy that!

Maybe take a look at the fx 8350. If games are going to use more cores, this will give you more for your money. Games use maybe 4 cores right now, and the fx 8350 is an 8 core.

Here you can see the benefits of more cores with this price:


In some cases the intel is better, but the amd has an advantage. For gaming I would recogment this alot. 

if you record your games, it will benefit from it already in gaming. (and overal anything else compared to the 3570, and it competes with a 3770 in rendering etc.)

now you could use that money for your power supply. 

und geh mal auf, der service ist dort gut. Vielleicht haben die deine Sachen billiger. Du zahlst nur einmal 7€ Versand, egal was du alles von deinem Warenkorb bestellst! Vielleicht sparst du da Geld.



tschuldige, ich meine:


Artiseven: I would upgrade that CPU to FX 6300 and still make the budget. The Ph II x4 is good, but the FX 6300 would be a better option.

Lunyone: Phenom II X4 965 is excellent based on reviews and sure if he wants to go higher by going with the FX 6300 then he can. So yeah Lunyone's right, if you have the extra money, go with the FX 6300.

Thanks for all your help.

I'm not too sure about using AMD CPUs, I don't stream or record gameplay.

That isn't too critical. Either brand will do just fine. AMD has advantages in the lower budget that just make sense. The AMD FX 8350 does will up against the i5 3570k and i7 3770k in certain games and generally trades blows on most things, so it's up to you which way to go.

Tek's video comparison in gaming:

Neither do i. But as far as reviews go, and i'm an AMD user myself. It's good for gaming. 

I've finished the games in the video/don't care about them and the benefits seem to be mainly on HUGE monitors (mine is only 1650x1080) but thanks man.

 OK. Amd's more core philosophy will give you:

A better price overall.

If you get the 8-core, you will be doing everything else better than the 3570k. (it will be not a big diffrence in gaming, because all the cores are not getting used)

 The extra cores will come in handy, when games use more cores!




Right now, you will loose a some fps. (But it's worth it overall, it even competes with the 3770k good)

You are really getting more for you dollar, literally.