Gaming PC, $600ish Budget

So. I'm building a gaming pc. Nothing new there.

Thing is, I don't know what I am doing, in terms of what parts to buy. (This is going to be my first build.)


I have a $600 budget, willing to spend a bit more ($700 is the most I will pay) to get better preformance. 

I currently am using a broken, old, falling-to-pieces Gateway FX-P7805u 'Gaming' Laptop. 4gigs/ram, 9800m gts 1gb, 2.26 ghz intel core 2 duo. I purchased it for $350. After having this as my gaming unit for nearly 2 years, I decided to upgrade, after a month of getting mad on ebay looking at pre-built ones, I decided I should build my own. Only problem is, I know almost nothing about computer parts, and what is good. I just need a good rig that I can upgrade and use for a long time. I do not need a screen, mouse, or keyboard, or other accessories. Overclocking is not needed as I do not know anything about to, but would be willing to learn. I live in the USA. I also can supply my own OS. Doesnt matter what the retailer(s) are, so long as it has nothing to do with my current laptop. God I hate it. And when I say I don't know what to get, I mean it. Thermal paste, wire sleeves, all of that stuff. So, if you can include those kinds of things in your reccomendations, I would really appreciate it.

I have come up with a setup that looks okay to me, but I don't know if it's even good; or if its overkill.



~Less than $700, $600 or lower preferably.

~Able to play games comming out this fall, Such as Battlefield 4 and GTA 4 (med/high/ultra, any of those works)



 ~Good for the future; upgradable

Thank you for anything you can come up with!


We'd love to help. Going from the assembled build:

That's a nice(overclocking) but fairly old CPU.You should consider something from the amd fx 4xxx or 6xxx or even i5 line.

The cooler is okay for general use, but not OC'ing.

Some thermal paste is almost allways combined with a cooler. Unless your OC'ing extra is not needed.

That's some high end memory... it's a nice kit, but you don't need 2133 memory, a 1600MHz kit is fine.

Why 2 wifi adapters?

I think you know enough to build your own PC and i see you have been watching Logans vids because you chose the 7870 HIS version (i thikn you saw his review of it dont know if its power is true but...)

-So the build is good but if you want it to be more future proof the gigabyte GA-990FX-UD3 is better but more expencive with 50 maybe

-If you want more power get the FX-6300 its only 20 more and its also more future proof because it has more cores and someday the games will have to use all of those cores.

-if you want it to be quiater dont get that case fan and if you insist of having one get the corsair varriant 4 bucks more so..

-watch Logans how to build a PC and neweggs how to build a PC video it isnt really that hard actually :P

I dont know why you want to include those WI-fi adapters but mybe you want them so i dont know and if you really dont know so much about PCs then its good to tell you that you dont need thos adapetrs :D

Good luck :)


I prefer an nvidia card at the moment, they are more quiet and power efficient currently.

I concur on the fx 6300 and 990fx ud3.

Also watch thos video's, then ask questions about what you don't know, then buy parts, watch those video's again and see if yo see how everything fits in...

I would ditch the $17 thermal paste and optical drive and put that towards an FX6300 CPU

Also IMO I'd prefer a MB like this


I spent the past 2 days looking at these build suggestions. Since the original post, I was able to grab a 250gb hard drive from an old laptop and grab one of the cd drives from an old desktop. I decided to lower the HDD to a 500gb to save $10 on it. Also trashed the wifi cards (accidentally clicked 2 lol) and chose a cheap 9 dollar card, saving about $5. Switched the mobo to slowion's reccomended, changed the CPU to the FX-6300, ditched the fan and the paste, got a better case with more built-in fans, and put all those savings towards..... (*DRUMROLL*) an MSI GTX 760 OC edition for $271.99. As was reccomended, I switched the ram down to a 1600mhz kit for 50 bucks. Comes out to $640, just fitting in with not much room for changes without sacrifices. My main worry right now is whether the 500w power supply is enough to hold my build. I plan on upgrading it this christmas, along with some more ram and an ssd. Might even grab myself a second 760. Please inform me of any incompatibilites with power supply or other, and tell me if I should change anything. Thanks for all the help you have given me!