Gaming PC 500-800€

Hi, I want to get a new PC because my current one is too old and kinda crappy. 

I live in Germany and therefore use €uros.

I already have a mouse, but my keyboard is partly broken, so I would need a new keyboard like the Corsair K95 or something with a similar feature set. (I don't really need these macro keys but they are nice to have. But these individually lit keys are pretty cool)

I would use my PC for gaming and maybe a little bit of rendering.

I don't overclock yet, but I would want to get into it because having more power is always better and no, I don't want to get into custom watercooling (yet) for that.

Yes, I need a new OS because my current OS is 32-bit.

I would like to play more powerful games on medium to high settings at a resolution of 1600x900.

I like Minecraft with shaders (please don't laugh).

I would like to use a mechanical keyboard. 

My PCPartPicker list: Yes, it is very cluttered. [EDIT] New list:

I would appreciate it if you could tell me what other parts I should use and where I could save €.

 PS: I would also temporarily be running a not very demanding server on it.

seems good ;) I concur

Why spend 90 euros on a case when you can get a similar one with half the price and 170 euros on a motherboard if it doesnt affect your performance. Also scrap the aftermarket cooler if you are not overclocking

i made this:

i dont know if  you can stretch your budget to that, but i guess this will be a great build for gaming and rendering. you can buy an aftermarket cpu cooler later, to save some money now. i choosed for a EVGA GTX660 because you will also do some rendering stuff.

Grtz Angel ☺

Which other case would you go for?

Do you have suggestions for boards with built-in Wi-Fi?