Gaming on Lenovo T430s, will i benefit from faster RAM?

Hey tek people.

I have a Lenovo T430s as my only computer and I'm gaming a bit on it. I'm obviously
having trouble with it, as only 64MB is dedicated RAM (Like, not being able to play a 4x4 match in CoH2). However, I have noticed that not all 64MB is used, even though the GPU is at full speed. The total video ram used is close to the maximum at 2GB (when gaming CoH2 for instance).

My question to you is, will I benefit from faster system RAM? I have found out my motherboard will probably down-clock it to 1600MHz nomatter what, but will I be able to benefit from lower latency times?

(Bonus question; what is the L in PC3L? does it matter if I get two sticks with or without it?)

Also, I've read Lenovo has a hardware white-list in BIOS, so will I even be able to use these RAM? I've already put in an SSD and a bay with the stock HDD in the ultrabay slot with no problems, so I'm a bit confused as to how this white list functions.

Looking very much forward to your wisdom!

Specs! I've found this and mine is the T430s 2356.

Specs taken from CPU-Z and HWiNFO64

  • Motherboard: LENOVO 2356LRG

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3320M (socket BGA1023, soldered on so I can't change CPU)

  • RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz dual RAM CL11 (11-11-11-28). One stick at 1.35V and the other at
    1.5V and different brands and produced two different years. Ive read It's stock as Lenovo ships it.

  • OS: Win 7 Pro

If you need any more specs please let me know.

Thank you very much in advance - Zumps

EDIT: Numbers was mixed up.

You would not benefit very much from the faster RAM. Have you gone into your BIOS and gone to the section where your iGPU settings are? I believe you can set it up to 512MB or higher.
The larger buffer will help a bit but the HD 4000 graphics are very weak.

As long as your ram is running in duel channel, there is not much benefit from buying faster ram. don't waste your money for an extra few % points.

Thanks for the reply. I'm unfortunately not able to find anything related to the GPU in BIOS. I must confess I actually don't understand your suggestion either, I thought one couldn't change the dedicated GPU RAM? As it is now it has 2GB available on the system RAM.

I see, what a pitty. Thanks for your reply!

Faster RAM would help a little, but it probably wouldn't be worth it, really what you need is just a dedicated GPU, or maybe the carrizo laptops aren't terrible and consider getting one of those in the future.

integrated graphics Should allocate memory as needed, otherwise you'd end up taking up system RAM without much purpose.

I have 8GB of RAM in my laptop and I am able to allocate 512MB of dedicated video memory for the intel iGPU.
You can restart your laptop and clicking either F2 or Delete key you can get into the BIOS.Once in the BIOS go to Advanced Settings. There you should see something along the lines of Graphics configuration and see an option with Allocated and [64M] across it. There you can change it to get either 256M or 512M.

Thank you. I am thinking of getting a used gaming desktop instead, now that I see this is probably a dead end. It's going to cost more, but it will at least have a dedicated GPU.

Ya got a budget for that?

Ah I see what you mean now, it's allocated system RAM, not as in GDDR5 right next to the GPU as I thought. However there is no such option in my BIOS.

Yes, I thought of using in the neighborhood of $150 or a maximum of $300 which could probably buy me a brand new system. If you are thinking of helping me piece something together It's worth noting I'm in Denmark and I furthermore may be able to cannibalize/upgrade my friend's old one, which I do not have the specs on at the moment.

This is from my sisters laptop which has a core i3-330M
Here is an image of what the BIOS looks like for her and where I can adjust the graphics memory for the iGPU.
for got to link

Faster RAM always benifits an iGPU greatly, with that said, i'm pretty sure 1600 is the fastest that notebook supports so... there's nothing you can do.

Yes the motherboard only supports 1600MHz, but the latency times are lower on these new RAM. I understand the reason why it's not worth overclocking RAM is because latency times just go up aswell, but if I get the same MHz with lower latency times or sticks of higher MHz with the same or lower latency times, my rationale tells me it will be faster even though the mortherboard only supports a set MHz. The specs on my motherboard does not say anything about supported latency times, so that's why I thought it migth be a possibility.

It is an interesting concept and it sounds like it might help, it's something I've never seen tested so I don't know how much of a difference it will make. If I had to guess it won't make much of a difference seeing as the GPU favors bandwidth mostly as we see a great jump in performance when increasing speed but the latency doesn't seem to counter balance it.

Thank you for your thoroughness, it is greatly appreciated, however I do not have any such option in my BIOS. I have tried switching between legacy and UEFI boot, I thought it had something to do with it, but it is just the same.

At that price range you're probably going to want to try and get an APU rig going, with something in the A8 7600 range.

Ah yes I did see a testing of this by LinusTechTips but that is with a dedicated GPU and furthermore not with a new set of RAM with lower latency times as in my thought experiment. Maybe I should propose this test to one of these tech youtube channels.

But then again, if it is as you say, that bandwidth is the main thing for GPU's, it is doubtful it will make much of a difference. Also, my GPU is at full throttle when I game, so maybe there isn't even head room to use any more bandwidth.

Thank you for the suggestion. I've heard about the AMD APU's being a good bang for the buck at the lower price range. I might consider it if I do decide to do a brand new build.

It can generally do [email protected], even better with faster RAM, and the A8 7650k is overclockable for a bit more cost, so go for that one. no idea where to shop for parts for a denmark build though, do you just use the UK part picker?