Gaming Mouse Pad

I am just constructing my first gaming machine and am wondering what mouse pads are the best on the market right at the moment. Thanks.

I love my corsair MM400, hard surface pads are the best, i would never go back to a cloth surface.

I'm using a large steelseries mousepad, it was just about $13 on amazon and it works great


Steelseries 4HD! Got it for $8 on black friday

I also had (and returned) the Razer sphex. It was a nice mousepad, but I returned it when my mouse was having issues. It turned out the mouse was the issue.

I use a Xtrac Ripper XXL desk pad, I like it. Never had a problem with it. I have no idea if it's the best pad around though. One of the only ones it's size for sure.

I've been using a Corsair MM200 for a while now because I got it on the cheap.  I'm pretty happy with it.  With the Hyperglide feet on my Razer Lachesis mouse, a stiff breeze will move it across the surface.  

I've heard great things about their hard surface mats as well.  Right here, in this very thread! 

Steelseries surface qck good and cheap like £10 or $15

been using it for a couple of months now no faults.

I have a simple cloth steelseries one. Cheap and does the job. I find the mouse is more important than the pad. Played for years on just a wooden surface and managed to be a competitive fps player

I'm loving mine! It's huge :D

I'll be switching to a Func 1030 for my mouse, though; I'll just keep it on my XXL :)

dont laugh, my favorite mousepad is not what you think, its a statehood quarter album. It was like $60. I accidently used my mouse on it one day and found it was amazing, imo its better than func or aluminum pads, because it is hard fabric, so everything tracks well, and it doesnt tear up mice feet.


The absolute best mouse pads are hien artisan ones, they beat anything even func imo.