Gaming mouse for £30/$50?

hi guys, want to know your opinion on what gaming mouse to get for around $50!

logitech g400, g500.   CM storm spawn/xornet

Go to the nearest store and try some out. What might be great for some can be awkwardly uncomfortable for others.

i will check them out!

cheers for the links

yeah ok that makes lots of sense. thanks!

well its about £35 on but i have the cyborg rat 3 its wired got a pretty decent laser and dpi. it also has three different profiles, two programable buttons and a dpi switch button. so pretty good for the price and its seriously comfy for me who has pretty big hands and uses a palm grip for gaming :)

I bought my G600 (one of the best) for $61. Def worth looking at.

Not a fan of the overall feel or the ring click. Just a question what do you even map to your ring click?

I map the DPI shift so I can really aim well.

If you're looking for sensor quality/performance, I'd look at some Zowie mice. You might be able to snag an AM for $40 if you look close enough. If you have a really small budget, another great choice is the wheel mouse optical ($10)