Gaming Monitor

I'm looking to buy a new monitor specifically for gaming. Right now I have a generic and cheap LED monitor.

I'm looking at the VG248QE from ASUS as a possible purchase. I thought I'd ask here to see if there are any other alternatives.


What do you guys think of this monitor?

From the reviews and specs on it, it seems pretty good.  Is there a certain budget you want to stick to?  That is a pretty good monitor.

Looking to stay below $700. From reading a little more about the monitor it seems this is the one that will eventually have G-sync installed. I might just wait until I can get the G-Sync version.

Monitor Looks fine. But if you wait for the G-sync version make sure it will support Displayport 1.3 because DP 1.3 will be compatible with Freesync, and you never know when you are going to change the computer ( it always happens to me that monitors last more than GPUs.

For gaming monitors, BenQ and Asus are pretty much the way to go.

I have the 248qe and have no complaints other than maybe wishing I would have gone for a 27" monitor.