Gaming Keyboard and Mouse help

Hello there, I'm looking for a gaming mouse and keyboard. Not neccesarly a combo deal or anything, but just both of them. I have $100 dollars to spend, I might be able to budge a little bit maybe like $5-10. Anyways any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I have look at getting the Steel Series Sensei, but I'm still unsure. Thanks in advanced!



get the keyboard from here

same one, but is cheaper, and in my opinion just as relible. I have never had a problem with them. Also from it is $35 on sale vs. $67 on newegg, and ALPS are almost as good as cherry

For the mouse, It is a personal preference, I would get

actually get this keyboard:             its on clearence sale on their site for $50

here is the price on newegg :

its $90 on newegg,so thats $40 off, and it is a cherry mx keyboard, which imo are better than alps

and for the mouse, its your choice based on your grip, which way do you grip your mouse?

kinda palm with the pointer and middle fingers, but my thumb and index are in a claw fashion i would say. also thanks for the input!

thats like me, I would then recommend a razer deathadder or zowie. Those are the best imo for that grip style I would use the thermaltake clearance mx black keyboard though

from what i've heard is that the deathadder is not very reliable.... but do you think it would be worth it?

They fixed that imo I have never had any problems. But if you are worried, I would reccomend a Zowie, because they are almost identical and seem to have a lot less problems in forums. Get the zowie then, you cant go wrong with either. You get a mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse both of high quality for under $100 make sure to buy off thermaltakes site though.

yea i already ordered the keyboard off thermaltakes, so the mouse will be ordered soon ;)

No problem, always check clearance sales on manufacturer's sites before retailers as a good rule of thumb