Gaming Headset

I'm getting a new gaming headset.   Steel series Siberia v2 or Roccata Kave 5.1?

and it needs 2 have a mic

surround sound headphones are a gimmic. buy some audio technica ATH m50s on amazon while they are cheap.

Although zTrain recommends the ATH m50s, I have both the Siberia v2s and the ATH m50s, and I must say i much prefer the Siberia v2s for gaming. For me, (fps gamer) i dont care about audio quality THAT much, so the Siberia v2 dedicated for sound reproduction for audio frequencies for gunfire and footsteps, while not producing other frequencies as much helps alot. Although the ATH m50s undoubtedly have better sound quality overall, if you are a competitive gamer, and sound quality is not the priority, I would go with the Siberia v2s. 5.1 headsets are a joke...

eh. i have used some cyber snipa sonar 5.1's and some tritton AX headphones.

the m50's have better directional sound in my oppinion.


ultimately its personal preference though

Yes, yes and yes! 

i completely second that

do they have a mic?

For the best positional sound, get a headphone with a wide and precise soundstage like the Audio Technica AD700, and a sound interface that supports Dolby digital surround, the cheapest probably being Asus Xonar DG or DGX if you only got PCIe slots. That's going to wipe the floor with any Trittons and the likes.

Get the Siberia, they've won countless awards, and despite owning a pair myself I genuine beleive they are a better choice.