Gaming headset wanted need help deciding

hey all tekkers

so built my new rig and now need to drown the wifes nagging out. So i need a good noise cancelling headset with a budget around £100. i have looked at the turtle beach range and the corsair vengence 2000.

wireless is not a priority.

Any advice would be great


Thanks all


The only way to deal with the nagging is to direclty deal with the problem ;)

Life tips a side I have found that it's best to get a seperat headphones and mic. Headsets are just decent headphones with crappy mic in a really expensive package. For that money you could get good set of headphones good mic and entry level sound card that is much better then almost any onboard soundcard.

I have Asus Xonar DGX soundcard, Sennhiser HD215 and some really cheap desktop mic.

As for the soundcard, even a simple card gives you a huge guality boost. After getting it I can't even imagine how I could live without it. The one that I have does not have grate mic options.

Heaphones have to be comfortable, I've bought serveral diffferent sets until landing on the HD215 that I really enjoy and feel good with.

I can't talk about mic since I've only own cheap ones but I've read that a separate USB mic would be the way to go. USB sound devices have have their own soundcards in them so for a separate mic it would be the best option.

For the price I have the Logitech g930. It's a wireless headset with pretty good quality and 5.1 surround sound(software based.) The mic's pretty good too.

The wired version is the g35.

There may be newer models I'm unaware of so you may want too look around a bit more.

My only gripe with the wireless one is the software is sketchy (g keys revert to defaults every so often) and it gets disrupted if you're too close to a microwave (yay for 2.4 GHz...)

I think you'd be a lot better off with going with a stereo headset and a ModMic or something similar. I have tried quite a few pairs of 'gaming headsets', and my opinion on the whole is that the cheaper ones are typically just a gimmick, with an exception to a few.

If you feel the need to use USB sound (having gone from a USB sound card to my Creative X-Fi Titanium HD, I wouldn't dream of going back), the Steelseries Siberia V2's aren't meant to be too bad.

I'd advise looking into a pair of stereo headphones, along with the combination of a ModMic or something similar. This then allows you to introduce a higher quality sound card in the future if you feel it would benefit you.

I would advise looking into a pair of the Grado SR80i's, though slightly above your budget, the reviews of them have been fantastic. Take a look into pretty much any pair of Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Grado headphones and you can't go far wrong. I also hear that the Audio Technica A1TH-700's are very good with directional sound.

I advanced from my beloved Turtle Beach X31's (when I played on console) to a rather beautiful pair of Sennheiser PC360's. Without a shadow of a doubt, I wouldn't go back to those virtual surround sound gimmicks.