Gaming Headset Suggestions

Hi, I was looking for a comfortable gaming headset with a good quality mic. I don't care too much for sound quality, I value a good mic and good comfort more than anything else. Wired or wireless is fine. My budget is anything under 300$ and I do not want to go the route of buying a pair of audiophile headphones with a modmic or separate desktop mic. I just want a gaming headset.



I had a pair of Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wraiths and I liked them a lot, comfortable and had a good Mic w/ pop filter

If you have 300 bucks I would recommend getting a $79 headset, there are several really good ones for that price point, such as the FUNC, which also has a good mic. Then with the remainder buy a good DAC, makes a world of difference sound wise. Unless you already have one just forget what I said and go crazy. Otherwise Logan has some excellent videos about this subject. 

PS If your only gaming and don't want to wear these things around town, SteelSeries makes an excellent headset for that price point. I believe they are the 9H, otherwise just go on Amazon and look for a SteelSeries close to 300 bones. 

I personally like the Turtle Beach X12

What are your opinions on the Steelseries SIberia Elites and the 9h? Which one do you think is better?



Own the same headset, it does what I need it to. Haven't broken it yet either which is surprising.

From everything I heard the 9Hs are a much better product than the Siberia Elites but a lot of that is opinion. The 9Hs are wireless, have great sound, and come with two ten hour batteries though. 

Ok this is just my opinion. So please don't get super pissed about it. But when someone suggest Turtle Beach I have to face palm. Now I have tried a lot of there's out and I could always be wrong. I just have not run into a pair yet that I like the Audio quality or mic Quality. And all there powered ones that I have run into have terrible hiss in the background. Out of the box there usually a messy heavy bass with ok mid's sometimes and almost no highs. I like a much flatter sound out of the back so this I can adjust it to my liking. Seems like I can never do that with theres.

  I use the Steelseries Sibira V2's. There a headset the Logan suggested to my when I asked for something cheap. I would describe them as being flat out of the box if not a tad bit muted. The Mic quality is really good. After adjusting them in games like insurgency the highs are great. I was amazed on the map peck when I fired my Mosin Naggot and ejected the bullet casing I could hear it hit the rocks and roll down hill. However that game has amazing sound stage and has become my audio test game when using head phones. It will not improve something that is not there. Like Titanfall does not have a very good audio track in my opinion. The open back design is nice for an open sound stage. And helps to let your ears breath. I would have liked thicker earpads. But they do fine. The clapping force of the headset takes awhile to break in and still to this day its still enough that I can do pushups with these on. There nice but i would maybe get something better in your price range.

The new Siberia Elite's really do improve on all my Grips from the V2's. I won't get into these so much because this site already did a great job covering them already.

All in all best I can tell you if you don't like your ears to sweet get a open back design with cloth pads if you can. And in your price point they really don't need to be a gaming headset. You can get good headphones and add a good mic for that. Logan has been doing reviews like crazy for headphones the last few months. 

Sorry for all the spelling errors. Its late and I have not really had any sleep.