Gaming Headphones

Im looking for some new headphones to replace my 2 year old Bose AE2's. I had some turtle beach x31's back in the day and they were amazing. I've been shopping around but its tough to make a choice. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? My price point is quite flexible $300 at the most. I have onboard sound off my MSI GD65 but havnt tried it out on anything but just stereo. Help please? 

* onboard 7.1

all you'll ever need

Don't buy anything that is related to both audio and gaming at the same time. Get a pair of decent headphones like HD 558 and attach a mic to them if you need a headset. Never ever think of any 5.1/7.1 headphones, those are gimmicks that sound horrible. 

But you also need a dedicated sound card, otherwise buying a decent pair of headphones is a waste. 

Know of any good sound cards? 

An example would be this

It is a DAC and a headphone amplifier. 

These with a decent sound card. I don't have any personal experience with MSI's onboard audio, so I wouldn't know what it's like.

I use Plantronic 780's.


They're 7.1 surround sound and come with software. You don't need to install the disc that comes with it, it installs drivers and a dolby digital thing too.

I have used these headphones for intense gaming for over a year now. They still have the same quality as they did new.