Hello guys, I'm looking for a suggestion on a headphone for gaming, what I do need is the best positioning audio I don't really care about anything else I wanna hear it and know where is it coming.

I did some research and come upon these two Akg k612pro and new AKG k7xx(yes its actualy 7xx the model)  correct me if Im wrong I believe that for what I need those will be the best, but I also heard that I will be needing an amp for both and I was wondering which amp to buy and also will the Amp affect my connectiviy for my XBox One/PS4, I mean will I be able to plug the headphones and/or the amp on both consoles? also do I need an adapter for utilizing the mic?



Mix amp for connectivity to consoles.You shouldn't need an amp after that, but if you decide that you do, you can add an amp in the chain after the mix amp later on.

For positional audio, look at a K701 variation (Q701, K701, K7xx should all have great positional audio) or the ADx00x line. I would personally go with the K7xx.

Hmm I have a MixAmp hanging over the house I used to have an A40 but my cat chewed the wires.

Hmm ok and you don't think the 612 pros are good for positioning?

And in the pc don't I need an amp?

i own the akg q701's and i like them for gaming i bought a fiio e11 portable amp for them cause i use them for both my pc and phone.

the only 2 cons i found about them was the head band i literally had to cut it off and got a piece of leather and a old headband foam piece from my old logitech g35 headset and got some string and tied it onto the headband top head piece. also now i've noticed the tops of my ears are touching the inside of the ear cup. after a couple of hours i feel discomfort. but overall im pleased with them for the price.

positioning is good took awhile to get used to but im happy overall. im looking for new deeper earcups though and they'll be perfect for me