Gaming/editing pc for under 600 pounds

I havew under a list of components I would like to buy and I want to make sure im getting the right components which all fit together and can work well for what I need; PROCESSOR PSU ATX MOTHERBOARD case RAM    Hard drive

what graphics card are you planning to get? sorry bout that

This is what i put together. It'll perform beastly in gaming as well as rendering. However if you prioritize editing before gaming, i would switch out the 660 ti with a 660, and the 6300 with an 8350. That way it'll still be a beast of a system, but have a bit more juice for the editing stuff.


What editing software?

Also, if you are willing to go a bit over budget, or sacrifice something, i would go out and buy an aftermarket heatsink. The temps are okay with the coolar that comes with the CPUs, but they make a lot of noise. However if you don't care about the noise that shouldn't be a problem :P

Thanks and yer noise is not really a problem with me

Thanks alot man ;)

Probably something mid range like a sony vegas

Sure! :D 

But when i say it's noisy i mean it is VERY noisy (At least the 8350 fan i've got). Under load when playing games like FC3 Planetside 2 etc it sounds like a plane. So i'd recommend investing in at least an EVO to reduce the noise. Of course you could just drop the aftermarket fan and order an aftermarket fan if you find the noise annoying after a while.

Just felt like i had to put that out there :P

sony vegas uses open cl as well as cuda but open cl is faster than cuda and AMD cards are much faster than nvidia cards useing open cl.

i made this build.

you can cheap out under 600 pounds if you change the cpu to a FX6300. or FX6350, but i choosed for the 8 core. further i pickedup a 7870XT faster in gaming then most 660ti´s and  for sony vegas it has open gl support. to bad that you cant  push your budget up to 650 pounds otherwise i had put in a Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0  that has a better power phase 6+2  could give more oc potential to the 8 core.

I would stick with the 660 TI over the 660, more CUDA cores, but that's dependent on what editing software you use. AFX screams with CUDA accel enabled.

he will be using sony vegas, that uses open cl, thats why i picked up a 7870XT

Thanks alot guys for all this support first time using this site or any forum and I'm feeling quite grateful for the support and advice