Gamespy Shutdown Servers

Hey Community!!!

So i was reading on Gametrailers and i saw this article

Turns out that gamespy has shutdown there servers for older games, which i find annoying even though i dont use Gamespy....

From a quick read seems they maybe after more money from devs of these games which is wrong in 1st place but thats my personal opinion..

So sound off in the comments about what you think about this, my opinion is already posted :)


On the one hand, I personally think it's ridiculous, but on the the other hand, I can see why they would do such a thing. I do agree that it was wrong for them to shut down the servers without even a warning or a "hey, yeah, we're not doing this anymore. kthxbye."

I guess in the end, it is what it is.

In a way, it makes me sad because I used to be a very big Gamespy user (circa 2000-2002). But, I can understand why this has happened. I just dislike watching things that I used to enjoy 'die' like that. I agree with Final, a heads-up would have been nice.

I hated gamespy, but its a shame, i used it a lot for Age of Empires.

Its all been downhill since quakespy got canned anyway.

Never used it unless i actually had to, i dont like Punkbuster also, i see why its there but i dont see why devs cant put it into there games as standards, but stops hackers on some level, just need something for this on Black ops 2 :P