Games to use to convert friends from the darkside?

Long story short I am going to attempt to bring some friends over from the dark side. Not really sure what games to show them and let them play to have the best chance at that though. Crysis 3 is really good looking, but I haven't had much fun with it when not using the bow. Witcher 2, although old and not as good graphics as crysis 3, has, I think, a better atmosphere(good graphics used in combo with good scenery) and is more fun(at least with the combat mod). Modded skyrim looks good and plays well too(not witcher good but still), but mine is prone to crashes from the plethora of mods I have.

So yeah what recommendations would you all have for the task at hand?

Just start with simple games to play, with sh*t PCs so then can play with you now. And if they enjoy it, they will soon invest in a phat graphics card etc. Don't start them off with games that you'll need a £700 to play, work you way up through the graphical range (if you know what I mean)! Because I guarantee that they wont just throw half a grand about for something there not into!

Personally if You wish to Get your friends to join the GLORIOUS PC Master Race. Here's what I'd do. in your shoes.

  • Show them this Video. It Explains all they need to know. and to Why they should game on PC from the Tek Syndicate Community Point of View.
  • Show them Games they already play on consoles but on the PC
  • Tell them they don't have to be stuck with the same hardware and let their games die with the console. if they want to play anything from the console they can play it on their PC 5 or 10 years from now and you can modify the game to run and look better.

Well, my friend is a huge Elder Scrolls fan. I took my PC to his a house a few times, and we compared my heavily modded Skyrim to his Xbox 360 version. He was stunned by the freedom and extras that my PC offered. So yeah, show your friends games they like and how it can be a better experience on the PC.

I convinced my friend by showing him mods, emulators, Steam, game deals, etc.

Most of them have pcs with decent cpus(mostly sb or ib i5 or a phenom ll quad core) but no gpu.  I guess I could get them on to portal or other source engine games that have multi player, but I want to "WOW" them too ya know.