Games For Windows Live Questions

so, i've heard enough of gfwl that i know i never want it in my life, but i've only heard about these problems in windows 8

so my questions are:

Is gfwl necessary for certain games?

is it embeded into windows 8 and impossible to get rid of?

is it a win8 thing or have i just never run into it in win7?

so i'm asking about this because i can get win8 for $30, there's alot i hate about win8 but it's hard to argue with that price (that said i wasn't a fan of 7 for a while), but i think with all the bad things i've heard about gfwl, if it's going to be needed that's enough to push me over the edge (win7's only $30 more)

also, simmilar but not quite related question: does 8 require me to register a microsoft account to even use the computer? because i refuse to do that

Games for windows live has nothing to do with your operating system as far as I know. Some games have it, some games don't. If games for windows live is included in a game, then there's no way of "turning it off".

Not as many games include it today as they did a few years ago. The reason why developers actually use it is because it apparently makes it easier to port from console to PC.

Honestly, it's not that big a problem. Not enough to put me off buying a game if it uses GFWL.

ok, it just that the only times i've heard people talking about it they samething about 8, must have just been the games they were benchmarking

i seen bioshock 2 on the list of games, so i'll download that and see what it's all about

I turned it off on Fallout 3.  It is different for each game but try searching on Google.

Bioshock 2 is a great game, don't let GFWL put you off!

I believe there's a good deal on Bioshock 1 & 2 on Amazon at the moment.

yeah, i have the games, just havn't gotten to them

You don't have to sign in to use windows 8.