Games for an ultra low spec system

I'm looking for suggestions on single player games that will run on a laptop with a Intel Celeron [email protected] ghz, with integrated graphics and 2gbs of RAM. They don't have to run great, they just have to stay above around thirty FPS. Also I heard that SC2 is actually playable on the lowest settings, can anyone confirm if that is true?

Not shure it will run at all on those specs anless its at a very small resolution

There is a free game called Cube 2: Saurbratten wich will most likely run above 30 frames. Check that out :) 

CoD 4 might do okay?

Don't be an asshole dude. You know as well as I do that isn't going to happen.

To the OP, If you like MMOs this one is pretty good and will definitely run on your system. I had fun playing it and you can still play the regular Rubi-ka area for free up to level 100.


I wouldn't go quite so far as to call him an asshole, COD 4 will run on a potato, but the laptop I'm talking about is even less powerful than one. Anyway, I am looking for single player games, forgot to mention it in the op, I probably won't have a reliable internet connection in the situations where I will be using that laptop instead of my main system.

Oh.. missed you post ^^
Cube 2 has singleplayer that is very fun.

OpenTTD is fun to pick up every now and then. It's free open source version of Transport Tycoon Delux

2d games 

Don't Starve


Hotline Miami

Binding of Isaac

Super Meatboy


As for 3d, I suggest going retro

Half life

System Shock 2

Command and Conquer Generals and earlier (not so retro)

okay calm down, wasn't trying to be an asshole, I have a mid range laptop, and it runs CoD4 with all the setting turned up to the highest at 70fps or so. Thought OP might be able to get away with lowest settings at 30fps or so

I can barely even run CoD 4 on my potato.

You may be able to play Bastion, although you'd be cutting it close with those specs.  I also recommend Torchlight and Torchlight II.

Good luck!  ^_^

Halo CE should run just fine on that. I really enjoy the halo series myself. 


borderlands 1 and 2

^fail. Did you not read the post, or are you trolling?

can you post a CPUz that way we know the specifics of your laptop


killing floor

killing floor runs @ 40-50 fps lowest on the $200 chromebook which has the same cpu and ram if im not mistaken