Gameing pc build

Im looking to get back in to PC gaming but i don't know were to start. i can build the PC i just need to know what parts to get i have about 450 to 500 i all ready have 8gb of ddr3 1800 MHz ram im just want to be able to run games on high to ultra at 1600 by 900. thank you for your help

i play games like battle field 4 and total war 

I would get a 750ti if you want a cheaper card My 660 can run bf4 on med settings with not to many problems so the 750 should cut it for a decent affordable gpu

This is what I'd do for that money. Way faster GPU than the 750Ti

You might want to add a hdd or ssd to that, and windows.

thank you guys for your help


Sure, my bad.

For a copy of Windows, just look into the WTS thread. Dirt cheap.

Had to downgrade the GPU a bit to stay within budget. If you can stretch you budget a bit, get the better one.

Still, with that CPU and GPU, you will still kill any console out. I just built a new rig for my old boy, it's a Pentium G3258, 4 gb ddr3 1600 ram, B85M HD3 mobo, a GTX 760 oc, a corsair VS650 PSU (cheated abit, that is my old GPU and PSU) 1tb WD caviar blue, a DVD multi drive, and a thermaltake versa h22 (this case comes with a 500w PSU), now use the standard 500w PSU and add a GTX 750ti and that little lot would set you back just over *$500, $600 with windows. swap the 4gb ram with 8 for an extra $50.


*Prices are in $AUD.


Eww, sleeve bearing fan on the cooler.

Maybe change the CPU cooler to a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo.

Rajintek gets amazing reviews everywhere they go. They are a good bang for the buck and the design fits the color schemes of many builds.

I'm not knocking the brand, it's just that the design of a sleeve bearing fan tends to become much noisier over time, as unlike a ball bearing, grease is used to reduce friction in the bearing.