GameCube Games VS PS2 Games. Which Should I Choose?

OK. So I have 2 particular games I’m after & wanting to buy soon. Specifically, Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble, & Sonic Chaos. But since I have never yet played any of these older titles on consoles, I’m a bit uncertain as to which platform would better for both of these games- the PS2 version or the GameCube version?

Anyways, I’d like to hear your thoughts if any of you have tried these games out. Hopefully, it should make it easier for me to decide once I have some feedback! Thanks in advance to whomever can help! :smiley:

Ive always had the impression that gamecube was superior for local multiplayer. If you have siblings to play with or a neighbor who would responsibly do social distancing when playing with you, I’d feel like gamecube would be a superior experience.

Also historically, Nintendo hardware and its associated part support lasted a long time so old nintendo devices should still be good and repairable.

Hm. I see. But would there be any reason(s) to go with the PlayStation version over the GameCube version? :thinking:

honestly the only reason i would go game cube is if you got the expensive hd cable that allowed 720-1080i games

the ps2 can play a few games at hd with a cheaper cable but that library is smalllllll

the controller is imo easier to find than gamecube as the controllers both have a stick lean failure over time…

game cube controllers are better for smaller hands as well over the ps2 imo

the games i’ve tried but traded for some of my collection i owned the ps2 in one of the collection packs i forget which one i only have one sonic game left …
sonic chaos roms/carts are from old sega or the wii not the game cube (but you would just use the gamecube controller anyways) so personally its controller feel

So you recommend PS2 over GameCube, correct? Or does it depend?

really depends on hand size and how you wanna find the games i would recommend the wii with game cube controller and a ps2 with the game on a collection pack

Good idea/suggestion cause I have some games on my wishlist that are for the GameCube, but I’ll be playing them on the original Wii. I think I might just go with the PS2 unless I get convinced otherwise. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

If you have a wii, don’t you basically already have a gamecube? So… buy the PS2?

The Wii component cable is cheap as dirt so getting progressive scan Gamecube games running is easy. Truth be told the only time I’d ever pick a PS2 version of any game would be for extra content (like in the case of RE4).

Though even with Resident Evil 4 I’d still go with the Gamecube version. The controller is so much better. I have one that’s been in use since 2002 and it’s still going strong. Unless you’re playing Mario Party or actively trying to damage it Gamecube controllers hold up remarkably well.

Sometimes you need to change a disc out, but most games only use the one. Both consoles get disk drive issues, but a Wii can be easily modded to use an SD card instead and then you’ve eliminated the biggest mechanical point of failure.

PS2 had more games and played DVDs but, if it’s cross platform the best versions were ALWAYS Gamecube and Xbox.

And I’m no fanboy, these days they’re all so cheap it’s easy to buy all three and if you can afford to do so and have the space that’s the best option, but only bust out the PS2 for the exclusives.

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Well, that’s thing. I had thought of going with a gamecube in the beginning for the gamecube exclusives. But since 1 of the games on my wishlist is a re-release collection, it was basically a choice between the Xbox & the PS2. I simply chose the PS2 because it’s the better collection. Plus, I don’t actually have any games on my wishlist that are specifically for the gamecube anyway. :man_shrugging: So that’s that.

Yeah, that’s pretty much my choice here. The PS2 will be for a title that is a collection of games that can run on the PS2. Now just to acquire the other games on my wishlist & the remaining consoles… :smiley: I’d like to thank you both for the additional input you provided! :+1:


I choose GameClub

I think that it is more interesting and more popular

All time sales records for the ps2 say no.


That account’s post records say spammer :wink:

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ps2 has less cult following, should be cheaper and much easier to find stuff