Game recommendations

Hello, i got 25€ to my steam account as a birthaday gift, and i dont know what to buy, i have BF4, Batman Arkham origin, AC4, splintercell balcklist, DayZ, Dishonored, Bioshock and a bunch of other games. 

So what games do you recommend? I was thinking about buying Rust, but i'm not sure (i allso got a Ducky Shine3 with blue switches, it is so nice, now after i have been using a 5€ rubber dome keyboard for a year)

Thanks :)

The witcher series? great RPG games and you can pick them up pretty cheap on sales. are there any specific types of games you wanna play?

I'd wait for the Spring sales if I were you, the rock bottom prices will help you decide!

I bougth Rust, and i'll buy the Witcher if i find it on sale. Thanks :)