Game Publishers, Please Release Finished Games

I am a fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise, the last release in the franchise was a mess. I played it, I still love the franchise, I think they are handling the situation pretty well (if they deliver on their promises).

But I don't want gaming to become like that, I know the companies are releasing more and more unfinished / unpolished games, making us pay a lot of money for it, and its not OK.

A lot of youtubers say: If you want this to change don't buy their games, these companies think with their wallet. And I think they are right.

But a lot of people also want to play those games, and if lets say: I don't play the next Assassin's Creed Game so they see their profits going down. I will be 2 years without playing a new Assassin's Creed.

The only idea I had was that if a lot of gamers, DECLARE they will all :

  • Not pre-order any games
  • Wait at least one week after the release so they can see the reviews of their trusted reviewers ( independent reviewers, youtubers, not payed under the table by the publisher )
  • And if they are convinced by the reviews that the developers have sent a finished product, that is worth playing only then will they buy the game.

Because I am ready to wait one week after the release to see if the game is worth playing or not. BUT we need to let the publishers know that if they do not deliver a good finished game, we will not even bother to try it.

If any one thinks we should do this or has any points or ideas on how to refine this strategy, comment please.

We need to work as a group if we want to change the industry.

I have started a petition if any of you want to sign it: https://www.change.o...-finished-games

If you have any suggestions on changes that need to be made to the petition go ahead. 

I have started with Ubisoft and EA that are targetted by the petition but if any other publishers need to be added tell me

i'm sure you know a company like ubishaft will hawk on your petition and throw it back in your face?

they're all in it for increased profit, the shorter a production cycle is the more they're able to profit as theres always a pr department ready to bs an apology

we're all better off supporting developers that work with the community to improve their games

problem is the big boys have millions of development funds while the decent folks have a mere fraction of it

sadly idiot gamers are sheep, they will buy almost anything if it has a pretty picture which is why you see all those preorders going on....look at battlefield or cod for example......that thing sells like hotcakes as your friends play it so you'll have to jump in or be left behind!