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Game promo and discount deals



man, I need to watch this thread like a hawk; so many good games I’ve missed out on :grimacing:

Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition

free on the epic store thing theyre promoting “super meat boy”


Free on steam now…


And another free game on steam…


DISTRAINT Deluxe Edition for FREE


Free Deponia something something…



I’m probably a bit new and should lurk more, but how did you get the “ignorant bigot” tag on your name?


You ask a moderator to give you a tag like this. Whatever phrase you choose.
Mine comes from a former forum member, that called me ignorant bigot, because I said that Italian pizza is better than American pizza…

Also this is completely the wrong thread for that conversation…


Did you want a tag?


nah, mainly just curiosity.

Figured there was a funny story of some sort behind it.

i’m not guilty of any sort of pizza bigotry, so I don’t see a need for any sort of tag. People are entirely within their rights to be wrong and eat pizza with pineapple on it. :grin:


Thank you…


Kholat is free for a limited time.


Some decent classic titles in the $1 tier and more good stuff if you want to spend more and heck it is just great to have a gaming site that is also charitable.


DISCLAIMER: it’s PlayStation games… They aren’t for PC as far as I’m aware…

Future free game…


MAAAAAAAN free weekends are big dumb.


If you have a backlog4life then you don’t need to be looking. You should not be looking. Play what you have now.

Now though for the person that wants to know what a game is like before buying it (whether they have a backlog4life or not) this is like the good old days of demos which also are coming back and is nothing but a positive thing. Letting the consumer see what they are getting into is awesome for the consumer. It also gives you more confidence in that the company trying to sell you something is going to sell you something good. No guarantee but at the very least they are being open, transparent, etc.

To finish …

Free weekends are not dumb.


I love the Xbox live free weekends.

I can’t easily find the dates of when they are tho. And because of that I can’t participate in all of them. The only ones that I participated in were the September and August (2018) ones.